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Re: Icons dissapears in gnome

On Friday 06 July 2007 3:45 am, Miguel J. Jiménez wrote:
> Kumar Appaiah escribió:
> > Ensure that the relevant icon package is installed. My guess is that
> > package could have been removed in the process. You don't mention
> > which desktop manager it is, but I am guessing you can find the KDE,
> > GNOME icon packages.
> >
> > HTH.
> >
> > Kumar
> I use GNOME with Metacity and gnome-icon-theme (2.18.0-3) ... Everything
> seem to be installed OK ... Note that *not all* icons have dissapear;
> only a few but enough to be annoying (ie. "about box" in gnome-panel)
So applets have dissappeared from your panel? That would be odd. Perhaps as 
you upgraded Gnome some applets did not upgrade? Try an apt-cache search for 
a specific applet.

Or maybe your config file become mis-formatted? Can you put them back by right 
clicking the panel and selecting add applet?

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