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/etc/inid.d/networking script

   I'm new to debian and Im using etch.
I've made some changes on the /etc/network/interfaces and was hopping that "/etc/inid.d/networking restart" would apply the changes.
   Big mistake. The interfaces went down and didnt got up.
First I thought I made some mistake, but after checking the configuration and even restarted the server, the conf was correct. After I restarted the server, the new config was aplied. So I tried "/etc/inid.d/networking restart" without any change and the result was the same: The interfaces went down and didnt got up. Shouldnt "/etc/inid.d/networking restart", ifdown and ifup all the interfaces? I took a look on the /etc/inid.d/networking script and noticed that the "ifup -a" wouldnt ifup the interfaces.
   So, "ifup -a" doesnt work, but ifup eth0 works just fine.
Am I doing anything wrong? Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance

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