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Re: [OT] best way to print webpage

Hi Hugo.

Hugo Vanwoerkom, 06.07.2007 15:32:
> Mathias Brodala wrote:
>> Hugo Vanwoerkom, 06.07.2007 14:35:
>>> There is this page:
>>> http://www.ssp.gob.mx/CFPWeb/portals/CFP.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=contenido3&nodePath=/BEA%20Repository/PF/Contenidos/Convocatoria/documentacion&titulo=DOCUMENTACI%C3%93N
>>> Most of the relevant info is hidden in a scroll bar, so just printing
>>> the page won't do.
>> Just disable the author’s stylesheet and print. (Possible in Firefox,
>> Konqueror
>> and Opera.)
> How do you disable that in iceweasel?

Via "View" → "Page Style" → "No Style".

Regards, Mathias


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