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Re: /etc/inid.d/networking script

Yes, you're right. But I wanted to understart why the script wasnt working like i thought it would.
Thank you for you reply

Justin Hartman wrote:
On 7/6/07, Jaime Ventura <jaimeventura@ipp.pt> wrote:
    I've made some changes on the /etc/network/interfaces and was
hopping that "/etc/inid.d/networking restart" would apply the changes.
    Big mistake. The interfaces went down and didnt got up.

When I first started with interfaces I had the exact same problem. In
my case my server was remote and I was doing this via SSH so as soon
as I executed /etc/inid.d/networking restart the ssh connection is
killed and all further access is gone. The best was to do this in my
experience is to simply ifup an interface.

ifup allows you to startup an interface without restarting the whole
networking process which is critical if you aren't literally in front
of the machine.

By doing an ifup eth0:0 (as an example) to start up your new interface
you'll also see if there are any problems related to the changes you
made to the interfaces file.

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