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Re: digikam upgrade: plugins to be remove

Florian Kulzer wrote:

BTW, I just discovered that aptitude has recently learned a nifty new
trick, the "why/why-not" command:

$ aptitude why-not digikamimageplugins
i   kde-extras Recommends digikam
p   digikam    Conflicts  digikamimageplugins

This is really useful to figure out what is going on with complicated
dependency issues. It is currently only available to Sid users, though
(aptitude version or higher).

Wonderful new features! I just noticed that is now available in Testing. Going to upgrade right away.

Now, how do I know why these removals are necessary? And how do I find out if I should go ahead with the upgrade since, maybe the new package has the two packages built-in now?

This information is often included in the package description. For
digikam you can find this:

"All plugins previously provided by the digikamimageplugins package are
 now included in this package."

Ah, that clears up that bit.


Failing that, you can download and read the changelog of the package
before installing or upgrading.

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