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Re: Playing SMIL File

On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 22:11:16 -0500, Sam Leon wrote:
> Does anyone know how to play a smil slideshow in linux?  I can get the 
> audio but not the pictures in mplayer.  It is some kind of realmedia format 
> I think.

Helix-player, available as a Debian package for i386 and powerpc, is
capable of handling "Basic SMIL 2.0" (according to the package
description; I have never had an occasion to try it myself). 

Another thing: Please stop using replies to other list messages as a way
to start new threads. Many email programs use the In-Reply-To header as
the primary basis for threading; this means that your message will be
included in an unrelated thread, regardless of the changed subject line.
Here is what that looks like with Mutt:

1   L 04.07.07 Tony Heal                 ( 10K) upgrading to etch
2   L 04.07.07 Sam Leon                  (0.3K) ├─>Playing SMIL File
3   L 04.07.07 michael AT estone DOT ca  (5.3K) ├─>Re: upgrading to etch
4   L 04.07.07 Ivan Aleman               (4.4K) ├─>
5   L 04.07.07 Daniel Burrows            (4.0K) └─>

This practice of "thread-jacking" is problematic:

- People who want to follow Tony Heal's thread about upgrading to etch
  are interrupted by a completely unrelated message. This might annoy

- Anyone who is not interested in Tony's question might delete the
  entire thread without realizing that there was a another topic
  involved. This reduces the number of people who read your message,
  which obviously decreases your chances of getting help.

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