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Text focus


I have a problem with text/cursor focus. I use GNOME from unstable.
Sometimes I will start my webbrowser, epiphany, and type in a url I am
interested in. Once the page loads I click in a text box on the webpage
and type but nothing happens. I have to go back and click on the url
text box, type something, and then I can go and type in the text box on
the webpage. 

If this only happened in epiphany I could blame the browser but it
happens in evolution mailer, gnome terminal, and gedit with slightly
different circumstances. 

For gedit if I have two tabs open, and I am editing tex files, sometimes
when I switch back and forth between tabs I can't type in the new tab. I
have to go back to the tab I was just typing in and give it focus, type
something, and then I can go back to the second tab. 

In evolution I haven't discovered why something I can't type but I will
open a new message and simply can't type in any text fields. I have to
shutdown evolution and start it up again!

I use metacity for my window manager if that matters. Does anyone have
any ideas of what might be causing this problem?


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