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Re: 'file' doesn't recognize my Abiword .ode file

On Mon, 25 Jun 2007 17:06:57 +0200
Mathias Brodala <info@noctus.net> wrote:

> Hi Celejar.
> Celejar, 25.06.2007 16:40:
> > 'file' reports just 'data' when queried about an Abiword .odt file.
> Abiword does not support the ODT format yet. What makes you think that it did
> save in this format?

??? When I open the Save Dialog and click on the Save File As Type
button, one of the choices in the drop down list is "OpenDocument
(.odt)", and when selected, Abi saves as an .odt file.

> > There's a bug here [0],
> Where?

Sorry, forgot the note:

> > but the discussion indicates that 'file' is
> > reporting 'zip'.
> Yeah, that’s what OpenDocuments are after all.

Not the point; they are seeing .zip while I'm seeing data.  Why?
> Regards, Mathias


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