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Re: rock solid

On Mon, Jul 02, 2007 at 07:06:48PM -0700, David Fox wrote:
> >right now, the single most exciting thing that happens (other than the
> >very rare package updates) is a nightly problem with my mail
> >server. Its memory-bound and I don't any spare sticks lying around at
> Is that why there is a missing word? After all it's only 4 bytes and you
> might need it for stack or something :).

? I'm looking and looking but see no missing word. I assuming its case


> Seriously, I believe there's a setting you can tweak to reduce / minimize
> the number of simultaneous spamd's  you have spawned at any one time.

yes. I think I'm pre-forking  </me runs switches over to check>
... yup 5 children. I could surely pare that down. Don't know why I
haven't thought of that.


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