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Re: aptitude "initialising package status" takes _really_ long

> at the start of aptitude and after every action you have took, aptitude has
> to initialise its package status. This is the same step as "loading cache".
> Yesterday I have updated aptitude to . Since
> then this step takes _really_ long. Lets say 40s. I am on sid. There is no
> output it any loggs

I have the same problem (also running sid). There is a bugreport by me
relating to this behaviour.

Maybe it will be fixed soon.

I get the same thing on my amd64 box, on my laptop it takes about forever.. :)
I saw on the bts that it is caused by some new feature of apt, tags or
I suspect it will be fixed soon.

I guess we'll never take aptitude for granted again. :))

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