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Re: Mounting USB HDs the same every time.

"Eric A. Bonney" <mailinglists@vanhlebarsoftware.com> writes:

>    I have 4 USB hard drives on my server in my basement.  The power
> went out the other night for about 30 seconds and when the server came
> back online, most of my Samba shares where messed up.  I figured out
> what happened was that the drives were not initialized in the same
> order as they were when I setup the shares.  Now a drive that used to
> be /media/usb0 was say /media/usb1.

> So I have to go back and reconfigure my samba.conf file, not a huge
> deal, but still a pia.  Is there anyway to make it so that the drives
> will always be named correctly upon rebooting of the server and
> mounted?  

With udev, you have a permanent name under /dev/disk/by-id

> I think it needs to be done in fstab is that correct? 

Use link provided by udev instead of /media/usb*

> The other issue I have is that I always have to actually click on
> each drive before it is able to be used by anyone else.  Not sure
> why, but I don't think the drives are getting mounted at bootup.

The last field on your fstab line must be 2 instead of 0. But be sure
that your usb drive are powered on when you boot.


Dominique Dumont 
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