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Re: how to tunnel all network to a specific ssh season

On Sun, Jul 01, 2007 at 09:19:39PM +0300, Jabka Atu wrote:
> Good day,...
> i have heared about tunneling specific programs with ssh (setting up
> firefox and gaim azureus
> <http://freebsdcluster.org/%7Elasse/sshazureustunnel/> to use ssh) but
> i wish more :
> i need to find a way to take all my network transfer and tunnel them
> to a spesific ssh season:
> for example i have a pc that connected to the internet (for example
> the IP will be
> this pc uses debian Lenny with sshd started on it.

Older versions of ssh can only do port forwarding, which is very useful 
but not exactly what you're looking for.

Sounds like you're looking for a VPN instead - which requires the 
participation of another host (for the other endpoint of the VPN).

Possible ways forward:
- Look into ssh-based VPNs. It's quite well documented (although I've 
  never used that bit myself)
- Look into a dedicated VPN software, e.g. openvpn

Both should set up an additional network interface - all traffic for 
that (virtual) network interface will be encrypted and routed to the 
target host and decrypted there. As far as applications are concerned, 
it's just a normal network interface.

Hope this helps

Karl E. Jorgensen
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