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how to tunnel all network to a specific ssh season

Good day,...

i have heared about tunneling specific programs with ssh (setting up
firefox and gaim azureus
<http://freebsdcluster.org/%7Elasse/sshazureustunnel/> to use ssh) but
i wish more :
i need to find a way to take all my network transfer and tunnel them
to a spesific ssh season:
for example i have a pc that connected to the internet (for example
the IP will be
this pc uses debian Lenny with sshd started on it.

i take a client pc and do:


ssh -2 -R 7654:localhost:7654 -A -D 1080 user@

but now i need to make each program to use socks proxy server/

what i wish to do is to same how tunnel all connections to the ssh
i guess i should create a rule to iptable to send all connection
attempts to that port but im not sure :
1.how to do that with iptables (rule that will forward all connections
to spesific port on the client)
2.that this is the right solution

client :
Acer 5102 Wlmi running sid amd64.
Server :
Lenny i386.

Could you at least use man ?
    Jabka Atu (aka mha13/Mashrom Head)

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