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Re: new disk results in boot problem

On Fri, Jun 29, 2007 at 12:01:00PM +0200, nicals wahlgren wrote:
> Normally I am using one sata disk, no problem to boot from it. (using 
> amd64 and sid, kernel
> But when I add another sata or ide disk from old Debian systems the 
> system ends up in initramfs.
> BIOS still says it boots from original disk.
> How do I keep the system to boot from original sata disk when adding 
> more disks?
You may find that it _is_ booting from the origional sata disk but that,
once the kernel is booting, it can't find the root partition because the
kernel has decided that the boot disk is sdb instead of sda.

I think you've run into to the oft-reported device renaming issue.  The
consesnus answer seems to be to use volume names on kernel boot lines
and in fstab instead of device names.  See the mount man page under -L
label, and the similar section near the top of the fstab man page.


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