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Re: archive corrupted !

On Thu, 28 Jun 2007 18:50:38 +0200
Till Wimmer <g4-lisz@tonarchiv.ch> wrote:

> Ah ok, i think this is a misunderstanding...
> The your archive file home-20-06-2007-05-55.tar.gz  is corrupt, not
> a single file in it.
> "unexpected end of file" means that gzip cannot handle the zip file
> correctly, not a file in it called "file". Gzip is a stream
> compression, it doesn't know anything about the format of the file
> it (de)compresses. Maybe you can extract parts of your file using
> gzip -d -c  | tar  x. 

Or maybe it is indeed a tar file but compressed with some other program (or not at all) and you're being misled by the .gz extension. Has happened to me, too.


$ file home-20-06-2007-05-55.tar.gz

to see what really is in this file, then proceed accordingly.


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