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Re: ssh on lan by hostname instead of dynamic ip

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> Is there a way to use ssh and rsync using hostname instead of ip
> address. It seems to me I've had this working once or twice, but then
> it stops.

You could set up your dhcp server to talk to a dns server and do your
hostnames automatically, but it would require a lot of setup.

I think the easiest thing would be if you're machines are set up with
ipv6 and are on the same lan, just use the ipv6 local address. you can
get this by doing ifconfig and using the inet6 addr. It should start
with fe80. Yeah, ipv6 address are long and hard to remember, but you can
copy and paste and put it in your script. The address is based on the
MAC address of your card and so shouldn't change unless you change
hardware. Use ping6 to see if the machines can ping each other.

Tod Detre

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