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Re: Install windows with debian problem

I have great news!!
i resolved my problem using testdisk package within ubuntu live cd.
i tried with ntfsprogs, and other tools but didn't work.
with testdisk i could recover my data from the NTFS partition.
testdisk is just perfect and i recommend it to every partitions problem.

Thanks for help from all of you!!

On 6/8/07, Florian Kulzer < florian.kulzer+debian@icfo.es> wrote:
On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 18:32:41 -0300, Thiago Santos Faria Xavier Teixeira wrote:
> i already tried to use a live cd (ubuntu) and acess my data to move
> them to the another media, but the NTFS partition cannot be mounted e
> exhibit a lot of erros...  so i don´t know what to do...

Try to boot a rescue CD that has TestDisk on it. TestDisk is often able
to restore a damaged partition table.

Package: testdisk
Description: Partition scanner and disk recovery tool
  TestDisk checks the partition and boot sectors of your disks.
  It is very useful in recovering lost partitions.
  It works with :
  * DOS/Windows FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32
  * NTFS ( Windows NT/2K/XP )

On the other hand, if Partition Magic really screwed up the NTFS filesystem
itself then you might indeed have to reinstall. Before you do that, however,
you could try if scalpel manages to recover your important personal files.

Package: scalpel
Description: A Frugal, High Performance File Carver
A fast file carver that reads a database of header and footer definitions
and extracts matching files from a set of image files or raw device files.
Scalpel is filesystem-independent and will carve files from FATx, NTFS, ext2/3,
or raw partitions. It is useful for both digital forensics investigation and
file recovery.

The ntfsprogs package also has a few utilities which you could try
before you give up and reinstall: ntfsfix, ntfsinfo, ntfsundelete,
ntfsls, etc.

Grml (http://www.grml.org) is a nice debian-based system rescue CD that
includes these three packages (and many more).

Regards,            | http://users.icfo.es/Florian.Kulzer
          Florian   |

Thiago Santos Faria Xavier Teixeira
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