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Re: Install windows with debian problem

i already tried to use a live cd (ubuntu) and acess my data to move them to the
another media, but the NTFS partition cannot be mounted e exhibit a lot of erros...
so i don´t know what to do...

On 6/7/07, Joe <joe@jretrading.com> wrote:
Kent West wrote:
> Thiago Santos Faria Xavier Teixeira wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i have windows in my new laptop and i want to install debian with
>> windows, but my machine has only one
>> partition. So i installed the partition magic software to create a new
>> partition to install linux without losing my
>> windows. But the partition magic did not create the partition
>> (exhibited some errors) and now the start of windows fail.
>> i want to  know if my data are lost? there is some (linux) tool to
>> recover my data? does anyone had the same problem?
> Partition Magic may have an "undo" feature, which might save you.
> But it's been my experience that once Windows becomes unbootable, you
> either have to "repair" the boot setup with the Windows installation CD,
> or you have to bite the bullet and reinstall Windows.
If you have an XP CD, the first thing to try is to boot from it and
select 'Repair' when asked. If that works, and you're happy that XP
is in good condition, then you might try using parted from a live
Linux CD, such as Knoppix.

At worst, you reinstall Windows, and if it is new, there's probably
not too much investment in time already made.

If you don't have the CD, it's harder. The computer will probably
have a 'recovery' method, but it will only install a clean XP on the
same single partition, and you're no further on. But I've seen claims
that parted will successfully resize Small Business Server 2003, one
of XP's grown-up relatives, so it's worth a try.

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