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Re: Revert to simple Window Manager

Telly Williams:
>     I'm currently using the Gnome Desktop environment.  As I learn to
> use Linux/GNU more, I find that I want to slim down my computer as much
> as possible.  Hence, I would like to use just a window manager instead
> of a full GUI.  Is it possible to revert (maybe, apt-get remove gnome)
> my GUI and simply use a window manager, or will I need to do a complete
> reinstall?

Neither. You may just install any window manager you choose and, when
logging in with gdm, pick the appropriate session. Gdm will ask you
whether your choice should be the default session for future logins. You
can switch back and forth any time you like.

Deinstalling gnome is a little more complicated since it consists of a
lot of packages. 'gnome' (or 'gnome-desktop-environment') are just
metapackages that don't contain useful software themselves. They just
depend on a whole lot of packages. That means when you remove them, you
do not necessarily remove the stuff you are interested in.

> >  Will removing the GUI (Gnome) break my system?  Are there
> any links on the web that anyone has that discusses this issue?  Thanks.

It will not break your system and there are no webpages discussing this
topic that I know of. What you are about to do is a really easy thing to
do and completely harmless.

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