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Almost everything looks fine, because some usb devices shows up on their screens symbols meaning "DO NOT UNPLUG" until power supply remains. So, many user are worried to unplug it, not having on mind this warning. I used to set my Laptop in Stand-by mode, it seems to cut the power supply for external devices but there most be a better way, a proper way to do it.

2007/6/10, Orestes Leal <orestesleal13022@cha.jovenclub.cu>:

> I've got a question for quite a long time. When I remove a memory stick,
> MP3
> Player or IPod from an USB port running debian, first I umount device but
> power supply still. It does not happen in WinXP. Is it dangerous for the
> Device, how could I mend it?
Yeah, work like that at least in my experiencie, I guess that in the end
this could be directly caused by the way of the OS (or the layer) treat
this devices, I have been used several types of usb players and data usb
(but no IPods) from long time ago and never have a problem, so looks like
everithing it's good no?
> Kind regards,
The same for you.
> Ciao.

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