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Re: problems with totem

On Sat, Jun 09, 2007 at 17:27:59 -0300, Marcelo Chiapparini wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-06-09 at 14:52 -0400, Andrew J. Barr wrote:


> > Please try either player using the standard XPutImage driver--e.g.
> > disable Xvideo--and tell us what that does. Usually the video
> > output driver is called "x11" or "xshm". VLC should have GUI for this,
> > in Totem you can change the output in ~/.gnome2/totem_config for the
> > xine-lib version, or using the GNOME control center application for the
> > Gstreamer version.
> Andrew
> I tried with VLC first. In the video output module section the video
> output module field was "default". Which didn't work. The are many
> options, but the only one which works is "X11 video output". With this
> option I can play videos with VLC now! thank you very much!
> Regarding totem (I am running totem-xine), well, in totem_config there
> are many lines, all commented out. I can't figure out which line changes
> the video output, sorry... any suggestion? 
> As you suggested in another email, I tried mplayer too:
> mplayer -vo x11 <file name>
> and all clips played fine! 
> but when I do:
> mplayer -vo Xvideo <file name>
> I only get sound, no video...
> How can I define the correct video output for all applications? is it
> possible to do it in some configuration system file?

I think you have to configure that separately for each multimedia
player, in either a "settings" menu or a configuration file.

I am still puzzled that your Xvideo does not work; your Xorg.log and
output of xvinfo did not look so bad. If you can use Xvideo you will get
better video playback quality with less CPU usage.

You could try to install the "xvattr" package and then run the following

xvattr -a XV_SWITCHCRT -v 1

Maybe that will activate Xvideo on your display. (I am only guessing
since I have no experience with ATI cards. However, I have a similar
issue with the Intel 855GM video card of my laptop: By default it
directs the Xvideo output to the external CRT display, even if there is
no external monitor connected. This means that I only see a blue square
on the LCD screen unless I use xvattr to change that. With my card the
relevant Xvideo attribute is XV_PIPE; maybe XV_SWITCHCRT does the same
for your card.)

You could also try to play around with other "suspicious" attributes
reported by xvinfo, e.g.

xvattr -a XV_DEVICE_ID -v 0

etc. (See "man xvattr" for further details.)

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