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Re: Ethernet and wireless suddenly not working on Etch


zeroconf wasn't installed but network-manager was, so that was removed.  I restarted and did an "ifdown eth2" "ifup eth2", and saw that it's trying to give me an IPv6 address instead of the usually IPv4.  I'm thinking that might be the issue, but I wouldn't know how to correct it to get it to obtain a regular IP again (I never was much of a network kinda guy =[ ).  I'll do some googling, but if anyone has the answers please let me know.  Thanks.


On 6/5/07, Mumia W.. <paduille.4061.mumia.w+nospam@earthlink.net > wrote:
On 06/05/2007 04:10 PM, Glen Yu wrote:
> [...]
> It says I'm "connected" but gives me network info of:
> Driver: e100
> IP
> Broadcast addr:
> Subnet Mask:
> All that info doesn't make any scense as I'm connected to a router, so the
> IP should be 192.168.x.x and the subnet mask should be
> instead
> also.
> [...]

Uninstall zeroconf and network-manager if you have them installed. Many
people say these packages take over their network configurations.

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