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Tom Allison wrote:

OK, at one point in my life I had something working for a very brief period that looked like https. Unfortunately after a few days... it stopped. Never got it working again...

I've found a number of mailing lists in search engines that talk about

openssl s_client -connect localhost:443 -state -debug -showcerts
connect: Connection refused

as being a pretty consistent problem with the configuration. But I can't find any thread where it's actually been resolved or the errno even clarified.

I'm really frustrated with this SSL stuff, is this like a state secret or something?

I've tried rebuilding keys using every possible combination I can find for doing it. The latest was
openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -out server.crt -keyout server.key
taken straight from the apache2.2 site.

I'm stuck.  How do you get SSL to work?

I did have this under apache 1 years ago.

How do you do it under Apache 2.2?

I created the keys as mentioned above.
I enabled ssl.conf
I added to http.conf the following:
SSLEngine on

and found that even though it was listed in ssl.conf I also had to include the Directives for the CertificatFile, CertificatKeyFile, Cache and that would at least allow it to start, but not serve a page.

Also tried moving all the SSL directives into the <VirtualHost *> Directive and that also started but did nothing.

I did find that this is mentioned in a bug (267477 -- unclassified). Is this all I have to work with under Debian? A bug that confirms my experience of:

ssl.conf is insufficient to get anything running.
There's no other mention of how to do it.
Maybe if you hack the shit out of apache2.conf and your virtual hosts you might, but who knows what you'll be left with.

Or has the decision been made to relegate SSL to only the most uber elite of the hackerz? I'm frustrated more than I've been in years and I'm even more frustrated that I've been unable to find anyone who is willing to share any success. Like I said, it seems to be a state secret.

HOWTO?  Anyone have a HOWTO that actually works?

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