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Re: FireFox slowness

On Sat, Jun 02, 2007 at 09:40:03PM -0000, BartlebyScrivener wrote:
> On May 31, 4:00 pm, Carl Fink <c...@finknetwork.com> wrote:
> > Anyone else seeing absurdly slow responsiveness from iceweasel,
> Not that slow. But it's definitely much slower than running Firefox on
> XP. It's a shame. On the other hand it might inspire me to try linx
> and others and see what text browsing is like.
> Anybody pure text folk have tips or recommendations for how to
> proceed?

I've forgotton the previous story in this thread, but if you're looking
for a fast light-weight browser:
	for text only, there's good ol' lynx.

	However, for text or graphics, try links2.  I started using this
	on my small box when dillo stopped being useful (since it didn't
	do java or https, which link2 does).  I don't think it does
	plugins, and while it does show the contents of frames they
	don't get laid out the same as with zilla and konq.

The only thing about link2 is that when first started, you get a blank
screen.  Its a little disconcerting.  The keystrokes are supposed to be
similar to lynx but aren't really.  F10 gets you the menu bar at the
top, while 'g' gives you a goto-url window.


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