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Re: xterm fonts - problem solved and able to replicate

On 5/24/07, Thomas Dickey <dickey@saltmine.radix.net> wrote:
Deboo ^ <knowledgeful@gmail.com> wrote:

> I was trying some bigger fonts to use with xterm but adding them and
> then starting xterm would make xterm size very large, more than the
> screen size. So I edited .Xresources and added a xterm*geometry option
> to a reasonable geometry size.


I read thru the FAQ and did tried many things to make xterm fonts
atleast as large as the terminus font on the console  but whichever
font I try it's not really good for the eyes and also not similar
height like the terminus on console.

How to get a font like the SUN's large screen font and how to make it
work with xterm or emacs?


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