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Re: xterm fonts - problem solved and able to replicate

On 5/23/07, Deboo ^ <knowledgeful@gmail.com> wrote:
Even though I was able to reinstal flubbox after purging it several
times and afte ra power failure, fluxbox worked with the menus, now
still xterm is without a menu. And I am forced to use another term.
I'm using mrxc\vt because it has tabs and is a lite version too.

I'm replying to my own post since  was able to solve this problem and
also am able to replicate it as many times as I wish.

I was able to solve the xterm menu vanishing problem with a
.Xresources config from fak3r.com as stated in my earlier post.

I was trying some bigger fonts to use with xterm but adding them and
then starting xterm would make xterm size very large, more than the
screen size. So I edited .Xresources and added a xterm*geometry option
to a reasonable geometry size.

The size became okay but all three xterm menus vanish just after
adding the geometry option. I remove the geometry option, the menus
are back. I add the geometry option, the menus are gone.

Can someone try to replicate this problem too?
Debain Etch Stable on Intel PIV


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