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Re: http cache for dialup?

Douglas Allan Tutty wrote in Article <20070526005714.GA17178@titan> posted
to gmane.linux.debian.user:

> I want light weight and minimal/simple config.  I don't need the
> security configs of something like squid.  Just something so that when I
> view several wiki pages, or theweathernetwork.com pages, I don't spend
> so long downloading the same things over and over again.

wwwoffle?  Squid isn't that hard to learn, just pay attention to the ACLs. 
This really goes for any proxy as poorly configured ACLs are very easily
abused by lower forms of network life.

Squid is my choice because it also allows me to use adzapper, a squid plugin
that makes some real difference for dialup users:  It replaces most ads
with a 1x1 transparent gif at the proxy.

> It would be nice if it cached page elements.  For example, if I want
> today's weather, its only the text that has changed since yesterday, not
> all the wizbang graphics unrelated to the forcast.

That's just not possible, it's gotta be the whole object for it to compare
against if you don't want to spend more time comparing than it would take
to download the newer HTML.  You'd save more by zapping ads anyway.

Paul Johnson
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