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Re: X locks up/freezes the system when switching to console and back

On 5/29/07, fabio natali <natali@poisson.phc.unipi.it> wrote:
Deboo wrote:
> When switching to console ttys and then back, most of the time, as
> soon as I go back to X, the system just freezes and refuses to respond

i had kind of a similar problem and i resolved appending "vga=791" at
the end of my boot string.

(if you wanna giat, just have a look at your lilo.conf or grub's
configuration file.)

hope that helps,

Thanks I wish this would help but it didn't in my case. The system did
not freeze w hen I tried to switch to console 3 - 4 times but then I
kept it on the console and went somewhere for about half an hour and
coming back, switching back to X, it froze.

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