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Etch Installation Freezes While Creating File System

I am attempting to install etch on an old Gateway.  While partitioning
the hard drive, the partitioner invariably freezes.  It always happens
while creating the file system.  I have tried creating different types
of file systems (ext2 and ext3), doing the guided partitioning with
partman, doing a manual partitioning with partman, and even dropping
into a shell and partitioning with parted.  I've tried using two
different hard disks, a 13GB Maxtor and a 3GB random generic drive.
I've even tried updating the BIOS.  Always the same result:  The
partitioner hangs while trying to create the file system.

The only information I have found after hours of Googling is:


It seems to describe the problem I'm having, but offers no solution.
Usually a near complete absence of information on a problem like this
means that I'm doing something stupid, but one can only bang one's head
against a wall for so long.  Any help would be appreciated.


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