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Re: wireless adapter recommendation

Default User wrote:
> Would anyone please recommend a suitable wireless adapter for these
> conditons: 
> 3) Should work "out of the box", with out having to try to learn how to
> recompile the kernel or insert modules or ndiswrapper, etc. 

It's so simple these days [1]. Eg to install the Ralink 2500 driver:

1. Build the driver (from the command line as user root):

	# aptitude install rt2500-source module-assistant
	# m-a prepare
	# m-a a-i rt2500-source

2. install the driver:
	# modprobe rt2500

3. Then do the rest from Gnome. Set up your interface from Gnome with

	Desktop -> Administration -> Networking
	Connections tab -> Wireless connection Properties
		Interface name wlan0
		Enable this connection (tick the box)
		Network name (ESSID): (Enter the ESSID of your wireless Access Point)
		Key type: Plain (hexadecimal)
		WEP key: Enter the WEP key configured in your AP setup
		Connection settings: DHCP if this is configured on your AP. Otherwise Static
(and fill in details).

4. Set up your nameservers
	DNS tab -> Add

(You can use DNS servers at opendns.com eg, or the ones provided
by your ISP.)

5. Activate the wireless interface:
	Connections tab -> Wireless connection ... wlan0 -> Activate


Hope that helps,


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