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Re: debian-multimedia bug reports?

On 5/25/07, Rick Pasotto <rick@niof.net> wrote:
Today I encountered a fatal error when running ffmpeg. When I ran
reportbug it tells me that my version is newer than the debian version,
probably because reportbug is not taking debian-multimedia into account.

Like the other posters, I found out that I had to go to marillat for
this or the package maintainer for

Speaking of ffmpeg, I'm on debian etch and have for the most part
never had a problem with its use. But recently, while encoding (or
attempting to encode) some avi files off of usenet, the ffmpeg
executable got to a point approximately 50% in the encode and started
eating memory alive. I woke up one morning only to find ca. 400 *megs*
used by the ffmpeg process and an strace only showed mmap/mmunmap
calls, and no other kernel work.

I could repeat it on some files, but not on others, and a colleague on
the tovid mailing list (also running Etch) seems to have been able to
repeat it.

I attribute it to possibly bad avi (since even with mpeg2enc I
couldn't get the audio to sync at all on some files) and (possibly)
not ffmpeg itself, but it is an annoyance. I thought at the time the
procedure to report bugs for ffmpeg upstream cumbersome.

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