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Re: Install which Linux? (or avoiding dirty birds)

On 05/25/07 23:27, Gayle Lee Fairless wrote:

Ron Johnson ron.l.johnson@cox.net <mailto:ron.l.johnson@cox.net> <mailto:ron.l.johnson@cox.net> Fri, 25

May 2007 12:15:17 -0500

On 05/25/07 11:32, Gayle Lee Fairless wrote (portions deleted):

 > have installed Windows and booted live Linux CD's. Ubuntu Dapper Drake

 > stalled with a KDE desk error.

RJ> What kind of error?

It halted with the beige screen of death with a small box saying KDE

Desk Error if I remember correctly. At the time I was just seeing which

CDROM would be successful while waiting for the replacement drive.

RJ> Argh, I mis-read desk for ****disk**.

RJ>  Never mind.

Well now, I was hurrying because I was just experimenting with the bad harddrive in place while waiting for delivery of the replacement harddrive. Still, this IS Kubuntu, and we are now considering something lighter even than xfce.


Two vital questions are:

1. How much RAM does the laptop have? Probably not much.

128 MB (Since it is probably not much, I did set aside a 2 GB partition

for a swap partition.)

RJ> Figured. You'll need something lighter-weight than even Xfce RJ> (which is based on getting-heavy GTK2 and leaks memory). There RJ> have recently been a couple of threads regarding people's
RJ> preferences in light-weight WMs.

If you recall those threads before I can get to them with a search engine, I would appreciate it. Since my wife has decreed a visit to the relatives this weekend, there is no great rush.

RJ> Also, I prefer swap ****files**, since they are more flexible.

2. How much experience do you have with Linux?

I have Debian Sarge running on a Gateway 500 Pentium III 500 MHZ which

also dual boots via LILO into Windows 98SE.

I have Debian Etch which is sharing the box with Windows XP Pro dual

booting under GRUB.

RJ> A little behind the times, no?

That box has a Pentium 4 Prescott at 3.2 GHZ.

RJ> Ah, a space heater!

I have enough experience to get good and lost!

RJ> Don't we all...

       BUT, we have fun!!!   :-D

RJ> Xubuntu might be good choice to install, even though you might then

RJ> have to install a lighter-weight window manager.

As old as this equipment is, a light weight window manager such as xfce

on top of Debian or Xubuntu may indeed be the way to go.

RJ>  Hardware detection will be the tricky part, I think.  *buntu is

RJ>  still better at it than straight Debian.

That is probably why Knoppix 3.7 was able to boot. And if you noted my questions to Wayne Topa about wireless devices, I was hoping to find out which one is more easily detected, if at all!


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