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Re: Install which Linux? (or avoiding dirty birds)

Gayle Lee Fairless(fairless@hiwaay.net) is reported to have said:
> 	I just installed Windows XP Professional on an IBM ThinkPad 390
> with a Pentium MMX (233 MHZ) and a 60 GB harddrive.  (I have partioned it
> in anticipation of also installing Linux.)  Knoppix 3.7 boots on the
> machine.  (Would I be able to migrate to Debian or just stay with Knoppix
> if I go that way?)  

I have Debian Testing running on 2 Thinkpad 770's one 60Gb HD and one
with a 10 Gb HD.  The 233 Mhz 770 is running as an Access point, with
a NeatGear WG511U PCMCIA card, serving up the net to wireless and
wired Lan.  If you are up for a good distro, Debian is the way to go
IMHO.  You could always use the Knoppix Live CD to get a handle on
linux.  My 770's will not run any Knoppix but the 3.7 you tried.  None
of the (k)ubuntu CD's I tried have worked.  The Debian netinstall iso
was the only 2.6 kernel that I have not had a problem with on the
770's.  :-)

> I also have woody and have seen the installation
> advice on the installation of woody on a ThinkPad (Yep, I used Google).  
> I have booted the woody installation CDROM on the machine; however, it
> could not find the original harddrive (I was waiting for the replacement
> harddrive from Drive Solutions).  Anyway I would prefer to install
> something more modern.  The one USB 1.1 port works well.  I'm not sure
> about the PCMIA slots.  Obviously the CDROM drive works, or I could not
> have installed Windows and booted live Linux CD's.  Ubuntu Dapper Drake
> stalled with a KDE desk error.

The 1.1 USB slot on the 200Mhz 770 has worked with 2 different USB
Wireless dongles.  The pcmcia slots on that one are NG.  I also found
a Belkin USB-> Ethernet dongle that works also.

> 	I've ordered a Belkin wireless USB adapter (g protocol).  I have
> not tested the internal modem yet but would want a faster connection.  I 
> have a home network connected by ethernet and a Belkin wireless g router.  
> The network itself connects to the Internet through a Xoom DSL modem.
> I have done network install of Debian etch to a desktop over my network.  
> Are there any special techniques or extra information that I have missed?
> I can download iso images to my desktop and create CDROM's.

>From the above I would suggest you take the jump to Lenny/Testing on the
390. I have not found anything that doesn't work, yet, on the 200Mhz
box and it only has a 8.8Gb partition and its using only 29% of that.  I
loaded up a bunch of drivers on it to test all the USB stuff.  You may
have enough room for a Knoppix partition as well.  A 3 dist boot job.
Good luck!


Linux - for those that deserve the Very Best!

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