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[Solved] Re: Windows shares again

Eric A. Bonney wrote:

So I can find all sorts of information on how to share a Linux share to a windows machine using Samba and how to share a Linux share with a Linux box again using Samba. I can find all sorts of examples for each of these. I can find examples of using pam to auto mount shares on login again from Linux to Linux, but my biggest issue is finding documentation on gaining access to shared folders from a Windows machine on Linux boxes.
I want to be able to do the following upon a users login:

1. When the user logs into the Linux machine, based on what group they are assigned to, they should have certain shares automatically mounted under /home. 2. When the user logs into the Linux machine, based on what group they are assigned to, they should have all other shares not automatically mounted, set to such a way that they can't gain access to them at all. 3. When the user logs out of the Linux machine, all shares should be unmounted.

I know I am supposed to be able to do this with pam, but I am not sure how to do this. Do I need some kind of configuration file for the login part? Also, does Samba recognize groups from the XP machine? I currently use groups on the XP machine to restrict access of the users on that machine to certain directories.

I know on my Samba server that is running on my Linux machine, I can specify invalid users on a per share basis, which can limit the users access to those shares. Not really sure how to do this on the windows shared folders or if it is even possible. I guess I might have to move all that data down to the Linux server and then run it all from the Samba server.

Anyone have any other suggestions on how to work this out?


Just an update. I finally got this working today. One thing I decided to do, and am still doing, is I moved all the shared external drives there were on my XP box, down to the Linux server. This way it was easier to serve the files to the XP box using Samba and I knew what I was doing there. Then I finally got the pam_mount to work so that it automatically mounts the samba shares under the /home of each user when they login and then unmounts them when they log out. I had to use a how to that was written for Fedora and pull out only the pieces of information that I need.

Here is a brief description of what I have done so far to get it to work after installing pam and configuring samba correctly: 1. Modified /etc/pam.d/kdm and /etc/pam.d/login files to include the following line before all other auth lines.
     auth   required   pam_mount.so
2. Further down in the same two files from #1 I added
     session   optional   pam_mount.so
3. Modified /etc/security/pam_mount.conf as follows:
     commented out the line "options_require   nosuid, nodev"
4. Added all the shares that I wanted shared on my laptop under /home like this: volume * smbfs servername sharename /home/&/mountpoint uid=& - -

This is working just fine on my laptop at the present time. I know there is a way to feed pam_mount a configuration file that is setup in the user's /home directory that specifies the shares that are completed in #4. I plan on using the configuration file setup for my Debian box that all the family uses, so that each user has a different set of shares that show up under their /home. The kids don't need access to all the shares and neither do any of the guests that use the computer.

Hopefully this will help someone else out in the future and save them some searching.


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