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Re: [semi-OT] Data archiving (was Re: Query on adding a USB hdd)

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On 05/25/07 09:04, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
>> True.  However, for a small data set (under 1 GB) the need for three
>> copies means three hard drives.  Using a hard drive and rewriting over
>> it means that you loose old archives.  
> If you have 1GB of data and a say 40GB hard disk that means about 40
> full backups on each. With incremental backups those would last much,
> much longer.
> For your three disks you'd have 120 full backups! Of course in the case
> of failure you'd loose 40 of them, instead of loosing one unreadable CD,
> but I consider checking 120 CDs for unreadable sectors etc. a nightmare.

But isn't that putting all your eggs in one basket?  (Unless I'm
mis-reading you.)

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