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Re: Is there a "Using Debian GNU/Linux" sticker?

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Johannes Wiedersich wrote:

> I have removed several of those stickers successfully by slightly
> warming the area and just carefully tearing those off. It depends on the
> composition of the surface it's attached to, of course. If there should
> remain a stickyness, you could try a soft detergent or propane alcohol etc.

New MS sticker are really cheap, and tend to wear out. They may also
partly unstick, especially if they catch some moisture. So removing them
preemptively is not that bad of an idea. :)

While you will hardly be able to remove all the glue along with the
sticker, it is usually not that hard to get rid of. If the glue used is
a "rubber" glue, you can simply rub it off with your finger. If it is
more aggressive, you can try rubbing it off with a piece of bandage (or
similar cloth).

Another trick is to apply a small amount of flour (yes, that stuff that
bread is made of) to the glue, and then rub it off. Flour will mix with
the glue forming a sort of gum, causing it to be less sticky and easier
to remove.

Of course, certain types of glue on certain surfaces tend to leave ugly
sticky stains, but they can usually be removed with alcohol. But use it
only as a last resort, and be very careful - alcohol can melt certain

I would recommend against using any sort of non-alcohol cleaning fluid,
because usually it will only spread the stains, and make them harder to

If you are concerned that removing the sticker will remove a certain
amount value, in case you would like to sell your machine in the future,
do not be. Nobody cares about the thing, as it does not mean anything.
They even put those things on machines that cannot even install generic

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