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Re: ask for suggestion: which filesystem suits for both Linux and Mac OSx

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On 05/24/07 04:41, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> Eric A. Bonney wrote:
>> Ken Hu wrote:
>>> Dear All:
>>> I am a linux and OSx user and I really need to know which filesystem
>>> "really" can work on both Linux and Mac OSx
>>> I've found an open source project which tries to make Mac able to read
>>> ext2 filesystem. I gave it a try but it just doesn't work.
>>> The purpose  I need this is for my usb external harddisk, I wish I can
>>> plug it to mac and linux box.
>>> Does anyone have any successful experience ?
>>> Ken
>> I might be off here, but I thought that Samba would work.  Of course I
>> am still trying to figure out how to get Samba to work with my WinXP Pro
>> network in  my house also. :D
> But samba is not a file system, is it?
> vfat might be a filesystem accessible for both (I don't know about Mac).

Correct.  SMB is a file- & print-server network protocol.

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