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Re: Read OpenXML Excel file in OpenOffice.org?

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On 05/24/07 00:02, Dusty Wilson wrote:
> On 5/23/07, Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> wrote:
>> Dusty Wilson wrote in Article
>> <[🔎] 42670320705221239h1d83861cs5d7da54b843fdd77@mail.gmail.com> posted >
>> > I have data that was exported from MySQL Query Browser to what appears
>> > to be an OpenXML-formatted Excel document. I can't seem to get
>> > OpenOffice.org to open it. Do you guys know how to go about opening
>> > this document?
>> Might try saving it in the traditional Excel format and see if OpenOffice
>> can open that.  Contrary to the name, OpenXML is not open.  Nobody but
>> Microsoft supports it, and only in recent versions of MS Office.
> The real problem is that I have files already stored in this
> non-binary format and I can't open them.  I didn't see a way to export
> from MySQL Query Browser to Excel in any other format, but I could be
> wrong.  But really, that's not the issue.  I just wanted to be able to
> open these (or any other) files that are formatted in this format.
> Regarding OpenXML's openness, it seems like it should be easier for us
> to develop for since we don't (or shouldn't at least!) have to
> reverse-engineer it.  I'm hoping someone is working to get code into
> upstream OOo so we can start reading those files.  I refuse to install
> Novell's "special" version of OOo, so unless there is a nice way to go
> about reading these files, I'll just do without.

Patent encumbrances, I think, or some such hoo hah that makes the
OOXML spec not really free.

And then there's the point that much of the spec is stuff like "this
tag means that you do $IT like is done in Microsoft Word 95".

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