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Re: (OT) Looking for Cell Phone/PDA Recommendations

On Wednesday 23 May 2007 5:37:20 pm Mark Phillips wrote:
> I need to buy a cell phone/pda, and I am looking at the T-Mobile Dash (
> http://www.geek.com/hwswrev/pda/dash/index.htm). However, I use Debian,
> KDE/Gnome and Kontact, so the Windows Mobile OS is not very appealing.
> 1. Is there a way to synchronize my Kontact contacts, calendar, email, etc.
> with Windows Mobile devices?
> 2. If not, any recommendations for a phone/pda that will synchronize with
> Kontact?
> In addition, I would like to have:
> * 1.3-2 megapixel camera
> * wireless ear piece
> * ability to locally download Java Midlets that I create
> * compatible with US T-Mobile network
> * QWERTY keyboard or touchscreen keyboard
> Having a native Linux OS would be cool - I can imagine an ssh session from
> an xterm to a remote server.....(Sorry, got carried away!)
> Am I asking too much? ;-)
> Thanks for any suggestions you may have!
> Mark

I use the treo680 and it worked with kpilot until I moved to Fedora to be in 
sync with redhat (or close) for a client. kpilot worked initially but after 
one of the updated Fedora decided to remove kpilot due to a dependancy with 
some stupid gnome package and gnome won.  I've since tried to compile from 
source to get kpilot back but ran into too many dependancies and have little 
time to mess with it. 

The treo will ship appointments , contacts and other files to my laptop via 
bluetooth as well.

Note: with the treo680 & the usb sync cable I had to start the sync, then go 
to the settings and change something (I dont think it mattered what - I 
always changed the connection speed) once I hit ok then the sync would run

personally I would rather go back to a date-timer with pencil & paper before 
purchasing any sort of windows device.

hope this helps

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