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Re: xterm fonts

On 5/23/07, JWS <jstumpel@planet.nl> wrote:
Well, I realise this is very late, but perhaps it might still help:


(this uses ~/.Xresources).

Regards, Jan

Although nice for simple config  but couldn't help me get back the
xterm menus. It's again, interesting to note that the menus tended to
show up but only the first few letters of the first line or first word
of the menu only. Like, "Main", "VT O" etc.

Meanwhile I was able to solve the xterm problem after googling for
xterm sites. The first site I visited solved my problem. I used the
full .Xresources config provided here and ran xrdb -load
~/.Xresources. That's all. Got back the xterm menus.


Nice site.

One more question is: how to get a font that is larger than 12x24? I
remember having seen a nice SUN console font that was quite big. I
want something similar. Which packages will install extra and bigger
fonts for xterm or any other terminal for that matter, to use?


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