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Re: why linux?

Thanks for the comments, but you are doing the same thing I was doing; making assumptions.  That can sink you.  I have used Unix before on a Honywell mini, using a language that was some kind of combination of BASIC and COBOL,  and Debian back when it was 2.something.  That is why Debian was on this machine at all when MSWinXP gave up the ghost, for some reason I will never know but have my suspicions.

Using Ubuntu is a good idea too, in fact I have a live cd of Kubuntu and I also have Suse Linux 10.1 and 10.2.  But, and this you could not possibly know, irreplaceable pictures digital pictures are on the hard drive and I will not jeopardize their existence for any reason.  That means no installing anything new, at leat until I know a lot more about what I am doing.

So you are partly correct; Debian is not for me...yet.  I have conquered much greater difficulties that learnig this will ever be.

But thanks for the help.  One day I will be helping others.  That is a promise.

Sheridan Hutchinson <Sheridan@Shezza.org> wrote:
S C wrote:
> For months now I have been trying to make Debian behave like a real
> OS. However, I still cannot print, format/initialize a new cd or use
> one to back up files, get the sound working, watch a movie or read
> images from my digital camera. With Windows all this was simple. I
> downloaded the relevant program, set it up and it worked. Windows is
> supposed to be devilspawn and doomed, and maybe it is. It does,
> however, have one saving grace; it works. It works without expecting
> me to become a systems engineer.
> When I go to someplace like freenode/#debian I am ignored. Maybe I
> should say to Hell with Linux and sell my story to Microsoft.
> Obviously I don't really want to, but how much longer should I put up
> with a partial OS? I don't mind telling you I'm damned sick of it.

Hi S.C.,

I think the mistake you've made here is that you assumed Debian to work
like Windows and that it doesn't. Debian is a very versatile and
complex system, and it has to be this way in order to be stable and
useable. In order to use Debian effectively, you'll need a lot of linux

Although Debian may not have worked out for you, I strongly suggest you
try Ubuntu, which is based on Debian but is much simpler to use.

I think I could probably get my grandfather to use it without too many

Sorry Debian isn't for you, if you were expecting it to be like Windows
it's no wonder you're frustrated. Try Ubuntu because I think you'll be
a lot happier.

Best of luck.

Sheridan Hutchinson

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