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Re: urlview regexp

On Wed, May 23, 2007 at 02:16:31PM +0200, Andre Berger wrote:
> My etch urlview doesn't resolve URLs like
>   http://forum.linkstationwiki.net/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3075&p=31281&e=31281
> as expected, they work when copied and pasted into my browser. 
> The regexp used (etch's /etc/urlview/system.urlview):
>   REGEXP (((http|https|ftp|gopher)|mailto):(//)?[^ <>"\t]*|(www|ftp)[0-9]?\.[-a-z0-9.]+)[^ .,;\t\n\r<">\):]?[^, <>"\t]*[^ .,;\t\n\r<">\):]

I've just always had my own ~/.urlview:

REGEXP ((((ht|f)tp)|https|file|mailto):(//)?[^ >"]*|www.[-a-z0-9.]+)[^ .,;>"']

I'll grant you that it doesn't handle gopher (do I care?) and that it's
very accepting, but it does handle the URL you gave above.

> -Andr??

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