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Re: why linux?

On Mon, 21 May 2007, S C wrote:
>For months now I have been trying to make Debian behave like a real OS. 

If you continue to do things the way you've been doing things, you'll
continue to get the results you've been getting.

It could take months to push an horse up a tree; it could take months
for a squirrel to pull a tree over.  It only takes seconds for a
squirrel to go up a tree; it only takes seconds for an horse to pull
a tree over.  Debian can be either a horse or a squirrel; you need to
read to know how to tell it what to do.  Windows is/are windows; sit
there, look pretty (or not), open and close (or not).  

Use the right tool for the right job and use the tool properly.  If you
don't know how to use the tool then read the manual and ask someone,
politely, for some help.


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