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I don't understand the new aptitude


I can't get my head around the (as of etch) newfangled aptitude
dependency handling procedure. As an example, I'm trying to install
texlive. As soon as I hit '+', I see this cryptic message in the bottom

[1(1)/...] Suggest 2 installs, 4 keeps
w: examine !: apply ...

(...and I just noticed I had to copy that by hand because aptitude
--and only aptitude!-- seems to disallow copying text from the xterm
it's running in! What kind of sadism is that?)

Anyway, when I type '!', thinking that aptitude will now do what it
suggests, namely install stuff, all the to-be-installed things are
deselected and nothing happens.

So maybe 'e'xamining things will tell me stuff. When I do that, I see
lists of packages that could be "kept" at their current versions (which
doesn't make sense because they are flagged "UNINST". I also see
lists of packages to be installed. Anyway, as soon as I hit '!'
everything goes away again. I also can scroll through many alternatives
using '.' and ',' but I don't really understand what this is all about.

The sarge aptitude used to be less unwieldy.

So how does this work?


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