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boot error messages with custom kernel

hi all,

I want to have a grsecurity enabled kernel and thus compiled my own.
while doing so, I also removed tons of modules from the kernel config
(drivers I know I'll never need), and chose to compile some into the
kernel instead of modules (e.g., drivers for my sata disks).

I followed the directions found at

now, during the boot process, just after the kernel boots, I get some
error messages:

FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ No
such file or directory

apart from this, the system boots perfectly fine and runs normal. the
file /lib/modules/ does exist, but there
is no such file in the generated initrd image (neither is there in the
default kernel's).

so, why exactly is it looking for this file, and how do I get rid of the error?

- Dave.

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