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how to use dependencies (control file)?


i've started reading
manual[/URL] to understand how to create better packages for debian so
i have created a small package that i call
so here is the control file :
Source: klthemes
Section: contrib
Priority: extra
Maintainer: Jabka Atu  <mashrom.head@gmail.com>

Package: klthemes
Architecture: all
Description: Collection of kdm themes collected from kde-look.org by
Jabka Atu include the next themes: hardDrive, Debian Orange,
Technodream, daemonic-smegma_1.0, devil,           yellowrose,
sidux-highway,optical scanning 2007, KdmLinux, Kubuntu KDM Gears
Summary: collection of kdm themes

all nice and good but i need little help :

1.from some reason instead of using one line for summary and more for
description all went to summry.
2.i need to add depends: kdetheme and some  how to make it install it
if it isn't allready installed:
i understand that i need to use preinst script could you please
provide an example for example if i have foo dependency how would my
preinst will be ?

Could you at least use man ?
    Jabka Atu (aka mha13/Mashrom Head)

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