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Re: why linux?

* S C <ojieurojsc@yahoo.ca> [2007-05-21 02:57:09 -0400]:

> With Windows all this was simple.

Yup.  For you.

> It does, however, have one saving grace; it works.

Not for me.

> When I go to someplace like freenode/#debian I am ignored.


> Maybe I should say to Hell with Linux and sell my story to Microsoft.

Maybe you should.

> Obviously I don't really want to

That part doesn't seem obvious to me...

> ..but how much longer should I put up with a partial OS?

As long as you put up with Windows, IMHO...

> I don't mind telling you I'm damned sick of it. 

Now, that part's obvious..

> Ask a question on any topic and get answers from real people. Go to Yahoo! Answers. 

No.  Not today.


I'd rather push my Harley than ride a rice burner.

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