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Re: vesa display codes (Etch Xorg memory leak?)

On Sun, May 20, 2007 at 07:25:41PM EDT, Owen Heisler wrote:


> A list of the available video drivers here (?):
> http://linux-fbdev.sourceforge.net/driverlist.php
> I tried:
> video=rivafb:1280x960
> video=vesafb:1280x960
> but neither worked.

You do realize that you may need to compile a custom kernel to enable
support for a given video card..?

Something else that I didn't mention.  I was never able get the
framebuffer console to initialize correctly when support for my card was
specified via a <M> module.  This may no longer be the case .. maybe I
didn't do it right .. but I recommend you specify an <*> in your
kernel's config .. meaning built-in support.

I have a feeling the above page is not current.  It says kernel "2.4" on
each and every line and that's hardly bleeding edge.  Obviously,
developers are not all that interested in 2-3 year old kernels. 

On the other hand, after all the time I spent looking for solutions to
my problem, I'd say some of the names on that page look familiar and I'm
sure that even if one person in particular doesn't or no longer supports
the particular driver you're interested in .. they would gladly direct
you to the current maintainer should you decide to email them directly.

They don't have such a large user base so someone genuinely interested
who might dig up some real problem or other is usually of interest to

But I would make sure to identify the correct party before emailing

The output of 

$ lspci -vv

and a quick peek at a recent kernel's  ../drivers/ video subtree ..
might help (?)

Be aware that the video card is sometimes not the end of the story.
This was the case with my mach64 where some versions were fully
supported and others weren't .. because a different version of the chip
that the card uses (or a different chip altogether) can make all the

Good luck with it and you're welcome to get back to me on/off-list if
you think I may be able to help.


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