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Intel 3945 difficulties

Good morning.

I have i386 Etch on a HP Pavilion 6305, and am having a real dog of a
time with the wireless networking.

Previously, I tried to use ndiswrapper to get the Broadcom card that
came with it working, but no such luck. No matter what I did it simply
would not connect, even if it could detect and see the local networks.

This system uses the mini-pci-e interface, and there aren't that many
cards available for it. One is the Intel 3945 card, which seems well
supported (if proprietary) in Debian. So I put the card in and load
all the 3945 packages for this kernal 2.6.18-4-k7

The strange thing happening is that the card doesn't show up in the
lspci list. The Broadcom card does show up, as PCI 03:00:00, but the
Intel card just isn't there at all.

Next, the kernel module loads but the "userspace daemon" doesn't load
because it says "module not loaded".

# lsmod | grep 3945
ipw3945               181092  0
firmware_class         10048  1 ipw3945
ieee80211              30664  1 ipw3945
# /etc/init.d/ipw3945d restart
Stopping ipw3945 regulatory daemon: ipw3945d.
* Not starting ipw3945 regulatory daemon, driver not loaded.

Any ideas? A google search only returns successful efforts, everything
"just works" once the module is loaded. Not this time, however.

I have sent a support request to HP asking if they did something to
the mini-pci-e card slot so that I have to buy the card from them, but
no reply has been forthcoming as yet.


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