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Re: securing desktop

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On 05/19/07 18:47, Mark Grieveson wrote:
> Hello.  I set up a donated computer for homeless adults who live in a
> warehouse, and I would like to secure the desktop.  The computer is
> using Etch, with Gnome.  
> The issue is that one of the residents will create hundreds of new
> "untitled folders" on the desktop.  Further, she'll mess around with
> the panels, the shortcuts on the desktops, and sometimes change the
> permissions on the home directory (ie, making the /home/guest directory
> inaccessible, making booting into that user on the computer impossible
> until I'm there to change it back).  gdm is set up to automatically
> boot into the guest user, without requiring a password.  There is just
> the one user for everyone (and root for me, when necessary).
> It's not a big deal, but undoing her mucking of the desktop is
> something I'd rather not have to waste time with.

What if you have the login script recreate /home/guest each time?

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